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Pole Vault Drills

Out of all the track and field sports, pole vault is arguably the most technically difficult one. The sport can prove to be potentially dangerous if you are unable to get your technique right.


Pole Vault Equipment

Pole vault is certainly one of the most technically difficult and potentially dangerous sports among all the track and field events. Thus, it is vital to have proper equipment.


Pole Vault Form

Being one of the most technical of all sports, pole vault combines technical skills with physical strength and speed. The sport has all the necessary elements that characterize.


Pole Vault Mat

Undoubtedly, nothing is as vital in pole vaulting as a landing mat to ensure your safety and prevent injury. A pole vault mat is basically a large cushion that is placed beneath the bar you are aiming at.


Pole Vault Pad

Pole vault is arguably the most thrilling and dynamic event in track and field, but it can also be risky at the same time if proper safety precautions are not taken.


Pole Vault Technique

When Bill Ford invented the Rick Attig SI Device, it was to provide coaches with a tool that would teach the correct pole vault technique during the most dangerous.


Pole Vault Trainer

The Rick Attig SI Device is a pole vault trainer that offers your athletes the opportunity to practice in ways they never have before.


Pole Vault Training

Bill Ford created the “Rick Attig Swing Up and Invert Device” to provide all-inclusive pole vault training for athletes. This is an energy-conserving and reliable.


Pole Vault Workout

Bill Ford created the energy-conserving and reliable pole vault trainer that is known as the “Rick Attig Swing Up and Invert Device” that many pole vault teams.


Pole Vaulting

For the ultimate in pole vaulting equipment, you can turn to Swing Up Invert. Their device offers safety, affordability and success.


Pole Vault Power

Leaping over heights that are set as high as 6 meters would ordinarily be difficult. But pole vaulting makes it possible. In theory.


Pole Vault Standards

The essential parts of a successful pole vault are the athlete’s strength, his pace and the type of technique that he uses. Unlike some exercises, vaulting.


Pole Vault Steps

You don’t become a professional pole vault athlete overnight. There’s a lot more involved behind a successful jump than simply running towards.


Pole Vault Swing Up

Depending on who you ask, the process of a successful pole vault is made up of five or six different stages starting from ‘the approach’ and ending with ‘the fly away’.


Pole Vault System

Learning to pole vault isn’t easy. There are a number of important details that you will need to pay attention to. Like most sporting activities, your technique will play an important.


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